Adopted on 2018-08-31
By Irina Kotelnikova

27.5 inches (70 centimeters)

White Lion
This unique lion is made of high quality mohair threads, washed and painted sheep curls and 100% wool.
Height 18 inches, body length from nose to tail 27.56 inches, weight 6.6 pounds.
The weight of a lion is 100% wool. Because I do not use weighting pellets for toys.
The toy has a knitted base. My methods include knitting and dry felting. In the body is inserted a plastic skeleton for mobility of the paws and firm stability on the paws. The mane of the lion is made from the curls of sheep which were specially painted for the manufacture of this work.
The work is very tight, each curl I securely fix so that you can comb the animal. Eyes are painted by hand. Claws, paw pads, teeth and tongue are made of plastic. For the mustache, I used horsehair. The head of the lion has only one position and remains stationary. All my things are done in a room free of tobacco smoke. I will also send you a passport for a toy with the signature of the author. The document size is 4x6 inches.
The toy is made and designed in accordance with the technology of the author.
Note that the toy is part of the collection of works of art, and not a pretext for playing with young children. If you have never bought a toy made of wool, please contact me before buying if you have any questions or doubts!
The actual color may be slightly different, this is due to many factors, brightness of the monitor and light. 
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