Adopted on 2017-10-27

The puppy is completely made by hand. During work I use high quality wool and mohair threads. This means that the toy has a knitted fabric. My methods include knitting and dry felting. The structure of the plastic frame inside the doll allows you to move the paws. The tail on the wire is completely mobile. Wool of various shades is uniquely intertwined, creating a realistic impression of the natural hair of animals. Hair can be thoroughly combed with a brush for animals. Hand painted eyes. Plastic claws.

This is an exclusive work of the author in one copy! The toy is designed and manufactured in accordance with the author's technology. I see photographs of real animals, I do color sketches and try to repeat the shape and shades of this animal. I choose the best materials for making dolls, which are extremely realistic. Please note that the doll is included in the art collection and is not intended for young children. Use only a dry brush (brush for animals). The head of the toy has only one position and remains stationary. All my things are done in a room free of tobacco smoke.

The toy is very elastic. But at the same time it is more durable than an ordinary toy made of wool. To change the position of the toy, you need to make a little effort. Bend and pull the legs in the right direction. Since the toy has a knitted base, it is easy to operate. To look after the toy, I will send an animal brush. I will also send you a passport for a toy with the signature of the author. The document size is 4x6 inches. The actual color of the element may be slightly different from the images displayed on the site. This is due to many factors, such as monitor brightness and light.

If you have never bought a toy made of wool, please contact me before buying if you have any questions or doubts!

It is a toy toy, which is very different from a fur toy.

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