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My name is Irina. I design and make felted dolls animals. Being interested in art from an early age, I graduated from art school, and began full-time career, fine arts artist. When I came across a photograph of handmade felt dolls on the internet, I was instantly fascinated and began to learn the craft. I love animals and strive to re-create their likeness, using the most appropriate methods and the best materials. All my work is unique and one of a kind. They are made in a smoke-free environment. I hope that you will enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy making them!

Returns and Exchanges:
All sales are final, so please do not hesitate to ask questions before you make a Th!
Of - the nature of the custom elements and a lot of hours that go into this sculpture to order a portrait, I can not offer refunds or exchanges. Nevertheless, I will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. I'm doing a toy in his hand with a needle, which is very time consuming. Expensive materials, many hours and days of work go into each of my sculptures (170 hours)
I hope you like my creations, so how I do it!

Please note that buyers are responsible for all taxes and fees that may arise.
Please make sure you book in advance. Regardless of which package was the exact date, you will come!
I accept Paypal and credit cards. Western Union money transfers are solid (contact me for more information). In Russia, I take cash or by bank transfer. All payments are expected within 3 -x days of purchase. I will send within 1-3 days after full payment. Shipping I will ship worldwide by air mail with a tracking number of the Russians. Please make sure your address is correct when you're done. International delivery varies depending on the country (up to 2-5 weeks Europe, Australia, 3-6 weeks).

Highlights of the interior of the toy wool Kotelnikova Irina (Russia, Glazov). That's why I decided to take Irina short interview about her latest works.

S.Mihaylenko Irina, tell us how you get started in manual creativity?

I.Kotelnikova: From early childhood, I loved to draw - it was the most important thing in my life! By profession I - Artist. Three years ago, I accidentally saw on the Internet photo knitted dolls. I decided for myself that the toys, this is what I wanted to do. Make a toy, this is equivalent to paint a picture!

S.Mihaylenko: What prompted you to create the interior of toys?

I.Kotelnikova: I started with the dolls. I always tried to put love and soul into the doll to make their living. I tried to do a variety of dolls, but stopped on the pet. I like to do unusual pet and feral cats. It has its operation performance technique, combined knitting technique and dry felting. All students on the frame can change the pose. I think it is important for the inner dolls, where, for example, cats can be laid at the fireplace or on the back of a chair, choosing any position for her. Today, I mainly domestic animal toy made of wool.

S.Mihaylenko: Irina, what inspires you to create your works of authorship?

I.Kotelnikova: His inspiration I draw on the Internet - namely, in the animal world. Sometimes it is even ashamed of how little I know about the unusual wild cats. I collect photos of animals, I think the breed description and photo trying to breed again. Of course, I and it helps my art education.

S.Mihaylenko Irina, tell us about your recent work?

I.Kotelnikova: Cheetah kittens struck me the number of spots on the body. And I decided that I definitely cheetah kitten with color. How wonderful that our wildlife is rich and the interior of the toy animals or pets will now appear on many connoisseurs of handmade.

S.Mihaylenko: What kind of animal do you most encouraging to work?

I.Kotelnikova: Well, of course, pets - cats and dogs. And especially - children, kittens and puppies. They just touch me and no new owner does not leave indifferent. S.Mihaylenko: Irina, and how you can purchase a authoring inner toy?

I.Kotelnikova: Look at my shop author. Here you can select your favorite toy or book interior of its production.

S.Mihaylenko: Irina, I know that your original works are very popular, and they can not always catch available. What if you want to buy such a good little kitty?

I.Kotelnikova: And you place an order through the website, we will contact you to discuss your wishes, and I spent 20 days on the record, I will fulfill your order.

S.Mihaylenko: Thank you, Irene. for the interesting story about your work. I sincerely wish you new creative heights and often we raduyte your wonderful creations! And we will tell about them collectors and handmade fans.

Interior handmade toy - an exclusive gift for your favorite. Author's work. A single copy. Eco-friendly materials. All the toys are made of natural wool for dry felting techniques.

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